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The first known metal trumpets can be traced back to around 1500BC. Silver and bronze trumpets were discovered in the grave of King Tut in Egypt, and other ancient versions of the instrument were found in China, South America, Scandinavia, and Asia.

Trumpets began to be used as musical instruments only in the late 14th or early 15th century.

Over the years the design of the trumpet evolved from a valveless “natural” trumpet to a more modern three valved version. This is the version we see in ensembles today. The valves enable musicians to play chromatically as opposed to the natural trumpet which follows the natural harmonic series. 

Trumpets are a very versatile instrument. They are used in orchestras, concert bands, and jazz ensembles, as well as in popular music. They are played by “buzzing” and blowing air into the mouthpiece of a trumpet with a special lip shape called “The Embouchure” 

Fun facts about the trumpet

Age of the trumpet

The earliest trumpets date back to 1500 BC and earlier.

Trumpet materials

The trumpet is constructed of brass tubing bent twice into a rounded oblong shape.

If you unravelled the tubing of a trumpet and stretched it across a room it would be approximately 137cms long.

Types of trumpets

There are many different types of trumpets. Today the most common type of trumpet is a Bflat  trumpet. This is what most students start on. Orchestral trumpet players often use C and piccolo trumpets to perform a variety of composer’s works. The “Natural trumpet” or trumpet without valves is used by period music groups to perform early music.

Trumpet rental

Trumpet mentions

The Moche people of ancient Peru depicted trumpets in their art going back to AD 300

Famous trumpeters

The versatility of the trumpet lends itself to many famous trumpet players from across the decades. Jazz household names like Dizzy, Miles and Louis are familiar to us all! Classical greats such as Allen Vizzutti, Alison Balsom and Maurice Andre are breathtaking in their skill across the trumpet.

Trumpet in concert

Trumpets are commonly seen in Symphony orchestras, concert bands, marching bands, Jazz Big bands and at military services. The trumpet is one of the most versatile instruments, fitting neatly into most genres of music.

Trumpet rental with Presto Instruments

Renting a trumpet from Presto Instruments is very easy! The expense of purchasing your own instrument can be quite daunting which is why renting a trumpet from us can give you the chance to try it out without the commitment of purchasing your own instrument.

Once you complete the rental process, your trumpet will be delivered direct to your door.  Our beautifully presented, quality instruments are checked over and professionally cleaned so that you can begin your journey of learning the trumpet with complete confidence.

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Helpful videos and tutorials

Here are some videos that will help you get ready before your first trumpet lesson.

Holding the trumpet

The first sounds

Hayden trumpet concerto

If there are any other tutorial videos that you would like to see, please send us a message via the contact us page and we will do our best to find or produce a video to add here.