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An acoustic guitar is a stringed instrument played mostly with your fingers or thumb by plucking, slapping, popping, tapping or picking with a plectrum. The acoustic guitar is most commonly a 6 stringed instrument. The strings are tuned to E, A, D (bass strings) and G, B, E (treble strings)

Similarities Between the Acoustic Guitar and Bass Guitar

An acoustic guitar has six strings and has a hollow body whereas a bass guitar has four strings and is made of a solid wood body. An acoustic guitar is used for playing chords and melody whereas the bass guitar will normally play the bass line. An acoustic guitar player will read the treble clef and chord patterns with the bass guitar player reading from the bass clef. Whilst there are differences, the two instruments are related and it’s easier to make the switch from one instrument to the other with practice.  

Fun facts about the acoustic guitar

Age of the acoustic guitar

The form and structure of the modern guitar are credited to Spanish guitar maker Antonio Torres Jurado, who increased the size of the guitar body, altered its proportions, and made use of fan bracing, which first appeared in guitars made by Francisco Sanguino in the late 18th

Acoustic guitar materials

Guitars are made of hollow wood with a large sound hole. Wood used is varied from guitar to guitar. Most acoustic bodies have a heavier wood for the bottom, such as mahogany, and a lighter wood, such as spruce, for the top.

Who plays the acoustic guitar?

A person who plays the acoustic guitar is called a guitarist. A person who makes or fixed a guitar is called a Luthier.

Acoustic guitar rental

Famous acoustic guitar players

So hard to decide but Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Tommy Emmanuel, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, James Taylor, Ed Sheeran, John Butler, Paul Kelly all come to mind

With or without a pick?

Absolutely ok to do pick or no pick or even hybrid picking. Hybrid picking is combination of fingers and pick rather than just one of the other. Keep an open mind and try both.

Why a bracing pattern?

The bracing pattern, which refers to the internal pattern of wood reinforcements used to secure the guitar’s top and back to prevent the instrument from collapsing under tension, is an important factor in how the guitar sounds.

Acoustic guitar rental with Presto Instruments

Renting an acoustic guitar from Presto Instruments is very easy! The expense of purchasing your own instrument can be quite daunting which is why renting an acoustic guitar from us can give you the chance to try it out without the commitment of purchasing your own instrument.

Once you complete the rental process, your acoustic guitar will be delivered direct to your door.  Our beautifully presented, quality instruments are checked over and professionally cleaned so that you can begin your journey of learning the acoustic guitar with complete confidence.

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Helpful videos and tutorials

Here are some videos that will help you get ready before your first guitar lesson.

Parts of your guitar and strings

How to play the acoustic guitar

How to tune your acoustic guitar

If there are any other tutorial videos that you would like to see, please send us a message via the contact us page and we will do our best to find or produce a video to add here.