Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the common questions that we get asked about the instruments and renting them.  If your question isn’t listed below, please feel free to contact us.

What types of instruments can I hire through Presto Instruments?

We stock premium pre-loved woodwind and brass. FlutesClarinetsAlto SaxophonesTrumpetsTrombones, Acoustic Guitar and our Bass Guitar/AMP pack. All of our instruments are in fantastic working order and are perfect for beginning and intermediate students. We only work with prestige brand student instruments.

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How long will it take for my instrument to be delivered once I fill out my form?

We will do our best to get your instrument to you within 3 working days of your rental form being received.

How do I stop my rental?

Just send us an email

We will then let you know how to return your instrument.

When will payments stop once I have returned my instrument?

Once we have your instrument back we will stop your plan ensuring no further monthly charges will occur.

What is the minimum amount of time I can rent an instrument for?

4 months is our minimum rental period. Once this period is up you can rent month by month until you decide to return your instrument. 

Why am I being charged a security deposit at checkout?

When you commence your rental you are required to pay a security deposit to confirm that you will return your instrument to us in good working order.

How do I rent an instrument from presto?

Just fill out one of our online rental forms, fill in your details and credit card.

We will then be in touch within 24 hours to organise delivery for you.

How do I get my instrument deposit back?

Once you have returned your instrument we then assess it to make sure there is no damage to the instrument beyond basic wear and tear. 

Once we have confirmed the instrument is in good working order we will refund your deposit to the credit card account originally used to rent the instrument.

How are your instruments cleaned between rentals?

Our brass instruments are fully disassembled and cleaned in disinfectant. They are then reassembled, polished and ready for rental to you. 

Our woodwind instruments are thoroughly wiped down, mouthpieces are sterilised and brand new reeds are  put into your case. All pull throughs and clothes are replaced and or run through a hot wash with disinfectant. 

Pads are replaced where required and instruments are serviced between rentals, ensuring they come to you in perfect working order.

Instrument rental terms and conditions

Instrument rental terms and conditions. CLICK HERE